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SAE pics

One of the things that I found of great help when first joining the
list was references to Siamese Algae Eaters.  I'd never heard of them
and the addition to my tank was a revolution - once I was able to
identify them and find them in a local shop.

Unfortunately the pictures I was able to turn up weren't that big, or
showed a lot of detail.  Maybe its my tired old eyes.

In any case, I've put up a couple of 1024x768 pictures of my SAEs. 
Note the jagged edge to the black stripe (which differentiates them
from Flying Foxes) and the black stripe extending through the tail
(which differentiates them from False SAEs).



It took 55 photos to get those two shots - they'll rest happily on a
leaf while I peer at them from 2 inches away, but bring the camera near
the tank and they become high speed showoffs.


Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia