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Driftwood, Algae, and Otos

Having 'fessed up to thinking fish are more important than plants, I wonder 
if anyone can tell me if driftwood is necessary to the well being of 
otos?  I've read some things that say wood is necessary for all fish in 
their family, but sometime ago I yanked the wood out of my tank because I 
came to agree with this statement Tom Wood posted sometime ago:

 >* * * I propose that the major CAUSE of a lot of algae problems is the
 >presence of dead stuff in the tank. Driftwood qualifies as dead stuff.

I put a small piece of driftwood in the new tank at my office, and it isn't 
covered with yucky fuzz, and it was about then I read the info that otos 
need wood, so I'm reconsidering my attitude.  I know that a lot of people 
have lovely tanks with driftwood, so whether it causes algae or not is not 
my question but whether it's necessary or even better for otos.

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com