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Heck I'm Lost

 >I think you have pinned down where the literature in our hobby needs to
 >go.  We are swamped with general articles on how to set up a planted
 >tank.  What can be said has been said.  Over and over.  * * * But we'll
 >never get there with other peoples' systems and short sets of
 >simple tenets.

Well, as someone who set up her first planted tank a year ago with the 
thought that I'd give it a year and see whether it was worth going on or 
whether it just wasn't for me, I'm grateful for all those how to articles 
and for other people's short sets of simple tenets.  I wanted to keep fish, 
and a planted tank sounded healthier than non-planted.  Maybe I'm still 
different from most folks on this list because keeping healthy fish is 
still my primary goal.  I'd rather kill every plant in a tank than one 
fish.  Anyway, I set up my first tank in accordance with Karen Randall's 
school room tank instructions and now have one at work set up according to 
Walstad's instructions.  The year-old tank is still corking along nicely 
and has weathered all sorts of algaes that might have ended its 
attractions, and  the plants are flourishing and will turn into a jungle if 
I don't keep after it -- thanks in large part to the simple tenets of 
people on this list.  The months' old one at work hasn't had visible algae 
yet, but when it does I'll be searching through the APD archives and 
getting free advice from people who have kept planted tanks successfully 
for years.  I don't want to figure this out myself, and I'm not very 
interested in why, just how, so to all of you who share the how -- thanks.