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Re: declorinators, water conditioners

>> What do you think is the best dechlorinator to use in the planted tank.
>> By best I mean one that will not interfere with water pH and also metals
>> from the trace element that we add.

>Amquel. I've used it for years.

I keep Amquel handy for emergency large water changes. But if you change 20%
or less of the water at any given time, then there is little need for any
conditioner at all (IMO, etc). Our tapwater is treated with chloramine and I
don't treat it. Cardinal Tetras, Congo Tetras, Ottos, Corries, all those
so-called "delicate" fish, don't even react. The Amano shrimp rocket around
the tank after a water change, and I thought it might be the chloramine, but
they do that whether I treat the water or not, so I don't.

Austin, Texas, ya'll