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GH / KH question

In the same tank I grow Mayaca and Rotala wallichii. While initially both
took a great start, lately Wallichii went to very poor state - very slow and
small growth - even thought the color is normal - dark red in top.
In the same time Mayaca needs twice a week pruning and all the other plants
are growing quite well.
One significant change was that my Kh went from 5 to 7 while my GH was
constant at 8. I do add some sodium bicarbonate to increase my tap Kh from 3
to 5 in order to get better buffering for the Co2 injection.
My question is - could it be that some plants do not tolerate close value of
Gh and Kh, respectively should be the first bigger and if this is the case
by how much?
So in my case would be real better for my plants to let the Kh at around 4
while the Gh is 8 ?
The rest of the tank data are 7 watt / gallon CF, laterite enriched
substrate, the NO3 is kept around 7 ppm, PO4 around 0.5 ppm and potassium,
iron and traces are added twice a week using Seachem line. Also Co2 over 35

Thanks greatly for your help,