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Re: Nitrate test

Arthur wrote:

"I have been thinking that there isn't a good,
inexpensive nitrate test kit on the market.
Specifically a test that accurately measures at lower
levels (0-10ppm) and costs less than 25$."

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals just introduced a test for NO3 that is accurate
enough at the levels you are describing, and costs around $7.00. It is
product #LR1800. I previously reported that it may read lower than a LaMotte
in this range, but now I think that may be due to "user error". (What do
they really mean when they say hold the vial "against" the paper color
chart? Touching it? A half inch away?) Anyway, check it out. I still think
that a reading of "enough" or even "some" is more important than the actual
numbers. In this case, anything around 10 ppm is probably okay.