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Java Fern and high light

I can say that I've never had problems growing most any plant I wanted,
but there is one thing that eludes me.  I cannot get java fern to grow
in high light conditions.  I put it in some dark shadowy recess of a
tank and it spreads like mad.  Bring the same healthy bunch out into the
light, it slowly turns brown and falls apart.  No plantlets, no new
growth, not much of anything.

Now I know that I have read posts about people growing it in high light
tanks, but I can't help but wonder are they truly growing it in high
light or in the shadowy corners of high light tanks?  

Well, I just moved a larg piece of driftwood covered in java fern to to
a centerpiece/island location in a large, high light tank.  I guess
we'll see how this goes. :)
Nick Wise
nwwise01 at netzero_net
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