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110 watt PC

I have a 110 watt PC hood (2 55watt bulbs) sitting directly on the glass 
covers of my 55 gallon, and I keep the lights on 11-13 hours a day 
(depending on the season & temperature).  I've had these lights for
about 5 months now and have had no problems with the glass cracking or the 
plastic hinges of the covers or the middle bracer of the tank itself 
melting.  I don't use a cooling fan either.  I even double checked after 
reading some of the posts here to be sure, and still no problems.  They do 
throw off a bit of heat (I live in Florida, so my aquarium is around 85 in 
the summer), but I just reduce the time they're kept on during the summer.

    ~ Prismcat ~

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