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Re: PCFs Again

NorbSpitzer at gateway_net asked:

"If PCs are more efficient, from  whence does the dissipated heat that
is  causing all the problems come????  "

The heat comes from the energy put into the lamps, most of which is
given off as heat.  Incandescents are about 6% efficient (over 90% of
the watts going in are given off as heat; the efficiency of
incandescent halides (for example, car headlights) is 1 or 2 points
higher due to the fact that the the filament evaporates more slowly and
the bulb has less blackening for most of it's life, so more light gets
out instead of being blocked and converted to heat;  Flourescents are
roughly 20% efficient which is about 3 to 4 times better than
incandescents but they are better heaters than light sources in the
simple wense that they are about 80% efficient at heaters but on 20%
efficient at lights.

20% ain't bad.  Few human designed devices achieve efficencies that
high.  A gasoline fueled internal combustion engine has about the same
efficiency--engines vary but I think that's the close to the average. 
Diesels are somewhat more efficient.  My point is that flourescents,
especially PCs are pretty good lights but the higher the wattage, the
more heat they give off.

Scott H.

Scott H.

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