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Re: Scotts: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1265

>>Yes, a number
of VHO setups use fans.  Consider a pair of 2 foot long VHOs.  That's
nominally 150 watts going into the bulbs and about 120 watts of heat
coming out.  Its not the type of flourescent that dictates the need for
cooling, its the wattage, which a measure of heat produced, and the
ambient temperature that are primary factors. <<

Only if you want to cut back the evaporation rate of the water...but other
than that I never had any problems. I ran four 110 watt VHOs in a completely
enlosed canopy for three years without a fan... thats much hotter than a 96
watt PC... never doing any damage to anything. The glass never cracked,
never got anything more than barely warm to the touch. Accoording to a
digital sensor, the lights raised the water temp by 2 degrees. Now I always
thought a single 400 watt metal Halide was much hotter than the combined
VHOS. But I must be mistaken...?

Robert Paul H