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Re:hotsie totsie

>>Cavan, you mention you have an old Perfecto PCF. It
might the old one that was prior to their ballast
change. THey got so hot in some cases that they melted
the casing. Contact Perfecto<<

That was a manufacturing defect, I think they were even recalled. Currently
they have dropped it from manufacturing alltogether.

>>I just moved the All Glass  PCF on new tank I set up yesterday to discover
the glass tank cover under the 2-55 w fixture to be cracked, which I believe
was caused by the heat.<<

I would be really shocked if that were true. Glass can take a lot of heat
before cracking, unless the glass is defected. I dont see how a PC could
ever get that hot. I know people who run combinations of high wattage metal
halides and PCs in a closed hood inches away from glass. It dont compute!

Robert Paul H