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shrimp story

Two weeks ago I got the impression that my three caridina shrimp had died. I
tried to check - as well as I could - but besides rainbow shrimp I could not
find anything.
Today I was cleaning my mini Aqua Clear filter and when I lifted the media
basket all three shrimps were there in less than 1 inch of water. How in the
world they survived for that long down there I can not figure out.
And to top that, after pouring two of them in the tank, the one left in the
filter just disappeared. After looking for it all around the place I took
the small engine out, dismantle the impeller and let the engine out on the
sofa to dry until I was going to finish cleaning the filter body - the
shrimp I suppose was just going to die somewhere on the carpet.
Ten minutes later when I picked up the engine guess who jumped from under it
Those shrimps are pretty amazing.
On another topic, today I received some stuff ordered from Petwarehouse - I
was impressed by the packing , not to speak by speed with witch they handle
my order.
This is the way to go!
Sorry for the long post,