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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1263

I have to agree with Robert.
I have two 13 watt PC from AH supply in a 10 gal hood. Both lamps and
ballast are enclosed in the hood and sitting on a glass lid.
All that AH recommends is holes drilled in the ends with some vented caps,
that they supplied, and raising the back edge about an eighth inch.
I wouldn't consider it to be "hot." and I wouldn't waste my time or money
putting a fan on it.
I have never heard of anyone putting fans on their VHO's either. Usually
there is enough circulation created by convection to keep things cool
Metal halide is a totally different situation.

Perhaps you just need to vent the hood a bit more to allow the hot air to

> This is the first time I have heard any discussion of PC lights and
> as considered being hot.