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Re: iron and TMG etc

Roger S. Miller wrote:

"I think the list of things that can be agreed to is probably a little

1) Plants need low levels of biologically available iron.
2) There are a number of methods to provide the necessary iron.
3) The commonly advised methods are safe for plants and fish in normal

So, your choice of approaches is a matter of personal preference.  "

This would be fine if "commonly advised approaces" were all the same
and no one cared about the differences.  But I think some do -- at
least, as a matter of interest if not a matter of critical tank
management.  I think Tom was pointing in a different direction than
you.  Certainly 1 ppm is different than less than measurable -- I
looked it up and that's actually true.  And toxity is different than
flourishing plants--I don't think Tom aim's for iron toxity, but of
course, that's just a hunch.

I do recall that things vary from tank to tank, and that there are
different ways to do things.  But what you were advising and what Tom
was advising seemed somewhat different, not just a preference.

I think it's becoming pretty clear that 
plants need some amount of iron
--you can add some amount of iron to your tanks and you can avoid
adding some amount of iron to your tank.
--things can happen and other can't.

Scott H.  :-)

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