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Re: Re: hot PCF

>>For what its worth, the ballasts on my AH Supply sourced lights are
mounted remotely in a box which sits beside the tank. While it's warm, it
isn't hot. But the bulbs themselves do keep the enclosed area under the hood
at very "tropical temperatures" and a couple of fans might be a good idea.<<

This is the first time I have heard any discussion of PC lights and ballast
as considered being hot. I have several Customsealife Brightlight fixtures,
which have the ballast built in to the strip fixture, and no fan, and I have
never noticed them to be that much hotter than normal flourescents. Now
other than the strip light, the tanks are open, which I guess would make a
difference, but I am just curious if this is unique to AH supply, or common
with any PC lights? I am considering converting my 100 gallon from VHO in an
enclosed canopy to power compacts, but I never even entertained the idea of
having fans... I didnt even need fans with 440 watts of VHO.

Robert Paul H
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