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Dosing Pump Questions

I've been using one of those dosing pumps from www.reefdosingpumps.com and
it works great and all,  I put my mixer of MgSO4 KNO3 & KCl in it and I dose
roughly 25 ml and hour.  I used to add Flourish directly to the mixture but
some funk would either grow or just plain form in the hose and clog up the
flow.  I stopped using the flourish in the mixture and the funk still forms
(but it doesn't turn my tubing pink).  So my question is would this problem
be rememdied with some opaque tubing or is there something else I have to do
to prevent this mixture from making funk in my tubing?  I've think I've
heard that a small mixture of HCl will prevent funk growing in the works,
and I think I can get a hold of HCl at work here, but I don't know if that's
my solution or not.