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FW: On the topic of Fe test kits....

I made the "Stock" solution last night from RO water and the Fe solution: It
was supposed to create a 0.4ppm solution.

I then tested both the tank water again and adjacent to it was the stock

The dry stuff in the Fe testing agent is indeed yellow (light gold). The
tank water test turned a light yellow as I mixed it in, as did the Fe stock
solution... 20 minutes later the tank sample was still the same light
yellow, the stock sample had turned few shades darker yellow.

What to do? What makes this reagent go yellow? I know the LFS just got it in
(So it wasn't sitting on his shelf for a year...)

Seachem help!

- Jeff

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Hope you don't mind an off-list response - my company converts all outgoing
email to HTML, regardless of what I want, & it gets bounced by the
list-server so I can NEVER post directly...
I bought the Red Sea Fe kit about a year ago - always read zero, despite the
fact that I was inadvertantly MASSIVELY over-dosing & the tank had so much
black hair algae I could start a wig store (the Red Sea CO2 kit didn't work
I bought the Seachem kit - it also read 0 but I'd heard somewhere on the
list that if the powder in the kit wasn't white (mine was yellow) then the
kit was faulty.  I contacted the Seachem guy (Greg Morin/Moran?) & he mailed
me a replacement by return which works just fine - a great service I
After a while I stopped dosing with Iron, stopped testing, introduced some
MTS's, stopped vacuuming the mulm & now everything grows just fine -
presumably using whatever is left over from the fish food (I also inject CO2
Hope that helps, Kevin