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Re: Joe's tank

> following the recent Susi Barber/Roger Miller thread, I noticed one thing in
> particular,,, water change volume.
> I currently shoot for about a 40% change weekly on my 55 display.
> I dose CO2 via 5lb cylinder (1-2bbls/sec) and add approx 1/4 tsp KSO4 (?)
> twice weekly.  No other nutrients are added.  I still cont to have high
> Nitrate levels and spot algae out the "ying yang", as well as periodic
> growht of hair and fuzz algaes.

CO2. I have a 55 too. I add KNO3 though and K2SO4 once weekly. Do you have
lots of fish? Feed heavy etc? Otherwise it points to CO2 or a lack of

> I dose the K to keep the PO4 down.  It is very high in tap.

I had high PO4 from my tap in the past for many years. It was a blessing,
not a curse.

> My quest: would it be adviseable to decrease weekly water change volume when
> I am not reconstituting my water as much as many ppl are? Or, is it better
> to continue large volume changes?

Try it. Try skipping a water change one week. See how things go. Raise up
the CO2 anyway. I have a feeling there about that one........
I add about 1 bubble every 2 seconds on mine and get 30ppm. Something is not
mixing or is wasting the gas there.

> It seems that a lower volume change would allow PO4 levels to rise due to
> feeding.

Naw, plant growth should munch this source.

>  (altho I really don't feed much at all) - like to keep the lil
> buggers hungry, so I know where they are at all times ;-P

Well there ya go. CO2.

> I don't test much, but my Nitrates generally range around 15-20ppm.

Are you sure your adding K2SO4 and not KNO3? Sounds like you are with the
water changes and the amounts your adding(2X) a week. If it's not CO2 then
it's likely that one.

> I am 
> getting in a new Eheim CO2 diffuser

Boom. There it is.

> and upgrading my lighting to PC this
> month, this should help the plants to use more of the nitrogen and hopefully
> alleviate the spot algae problems!

Don't bet on it. Light won't help if the CO2/trace is bad. Please go back
and check it and add some current to blow the mist around good in your tank
or consider a more active method of CO2 diffusion. Make sure what your
adding is K2SO4 and not KNO3. Also, ask the water company what the PO4 and
NO3 are from the tap. All that ag run off and farming........the NO3 may be
from the tap also. Either way, adding a good level of CO2 will help usage.
Test in the evening before the lights go off, not in early morning when CO2
is typically highest. Clean you disc often.
Tom Barr

> Just wondering,
> Joe