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Re: Hagen Test Kits

Hi John,

>How do you feel about Hagen test kits? I picked up NO3, PO4, pH, and Iron all
>for $5 on a clearance rack.

I use them, and think they are ok, with the following caveats:  with the
PO4, did you get the no. 3 solution in a glass bottle?  If not, you may need
to replace that one - see if you get the solution going as dark as it will
get in 2-3 mins, vs taking longer; if the latter, its not working properly.

The other thing is the pH, did you get the wide range kit, or the low and/or
high range pH kits?  the wide range one is ok, the other two are a bit shaky
where they cross over, at pH 7 or so.

Apart from that, the NO3 one works fine, iron - well, who knows (recent

kind regards,

Susi Barber