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Crushed Coral, KH, GH

Hi all,

I have been lurking here for several months, and I know I've seen this
question asked and answered, but I can't find it in the APD archives or on
the Krib.

So, I have 3 month old 72 gallon tank, medium heavily planted, lit with 220W
of AH supply compact flourescent lights. My willow hygro (H. salicifolia) is
growing these ugly, stunted, twisted leaves, and from what I've read I am
thinking it might be a calcium deficiency.

My pH is 6.8 due to bottled CO2, and my Kh is 3.5. I'd tell you my GH but
I'm pretty sure my test kit is bad - it's an Aquarium Pharm. kit and rather
than turning orange and green it sort of stays yellow or clear. I had tested
the water earlier when the kit seemed to be working and GH was about 5.

I tried putting crushed coral in; it raised my KH to 5.5. I can keep the pH
at 6.8 by turning up the CO2, but the cardinal tetras in there would rather
not have the GH too high. So here's my questions (and thanks for reading
this far!): does crushed coral raise GH as well, and does it raise it in the
same proportion as it raises KH? If so, is there something I can put in the
filter to raise KH only, and if there is a calcium deficiency, will raising
the KH only solve the problem?

I have learned so much already from this list & thank you all in advance for
either an answer or a pointer to where it can be found. I'm sorry to ask
these over again.