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Planting the Narrow Leaf Java Fern

At 12:30 AM +0800 9/1/01, someone wrote:

>How should I "plant" the fern?  Just wedge the rhizome into a crack in the
>driftwood and wait?

Hi, folks,

Again, another question sent to me which I think others may want to
know the answers too.

You can just wedge the rhizome into a convenient crack in a driftwood
or a rock if you are too busy (read lazy) to tie it down.  Sometimes I do
that too.
Besides being very convenient, this method also has an advantage in that
no strings are visible.  But be careful not to force the rhizome too much
or it will break into smaller pieces.

However, if you want the ferns to grow into a huge bunch with very long
leaves, the best way would be to bury the rhizome just under the substrate.
I don't know if this is because my tanks have base fertilisers but I have
noticed that ferns grown in substrate tend to have much longer leaves,
and greener too.

For those who are planning on growing a moss wall, you can also sandwich
the rhizome between the plastic mesh and wait for the leaves to grow out
from within the holes.  Bet you didn't think of that, did you?

When I rebuild my moss wall for my cube tank about 2 weeks ago, I also
squished in 3 rhizomes of narrow leaf java.  Two days ago, a leaf has sprouted
from one of the rhizomes.  So I think it's about time a leaf will be sprouting
from yours too.

I hope no one will say the narrow leaf looks just like his regular Java
Ferns :)

Loh K L