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Re: iron and TMG etc

S. Hieber wrote:
> same, everything I have used without iron doesn't seem to do it, and a
> Red Sea brand color match test said that the tank had .1 ppm iron
> during periods when no iron additives were being used.  These
> observations were not highly structured--purely anecdoctal data over
> the course of about 18 months.
> The Red Sea test could be doing an ersatz measurement as an indicator
> of iron in one or more forms -- is that the sort of thing that you
> suspect after your conversation with the chemical engineer?

Whoa, I can't believe people are still using that hoax that Red Sea calls a
test kit! Throw that junk away and get yourself any other test kit. The Red
Sea test kit has never worked for anyone (that I heard of). It always shows
0.1 ppm regardless of the Fe concentration. I'm guessing your Fe is more
likely 0.0 ppm. I'm sorry you have to discard 18 months worth of Fe
concentration data.
Alex R.
pcalex at yahoo_com