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Re:iron and TMG etc

Tom Barr wrote:

"I am so skeptical of what the hell folks are really measuring when
they say
iron. I went down today and spoke with a chemical engineer about that
does a
great deal of work in Oceanography analysis and primary production
iron. It was an interesting talk. I think there is a great deal of work
be done in this area for aquariums.
Tom Barr "

I wouldn't be surprised if half of what we buy doesn't really do what
it seems to purport to do.  I was only guessing that the iron in TMG is
what sets off the algae in my big tank because, other mixtures with
iron have the same effect, several other products with iron did the
same, everything I have used without iron doesn't seem to do it, and a
Red Sea brand color match test said that the tank had .1 ppm iron
during periods when no iron additives were being used.  These
observations were not highly structured--purely anecdoctal data over
the course of about 18 months.

The Red Sea test could be doing an ersatz measurement as an indicator
of iron in one or more forms -- is that the sort of thing that you
suspect after your conversation with the chemical engineer? 

Scott H.

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