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Metal Halide Lights

Hi Dave.  I have a 92 gallon corner with one 250 watt metal halide over it.
Granted, mine is a corner vs. a long tank but from my understanding you can
get as much as a 3 ft x 3 ft coverage if you have the light positioned
higher but I think 2 x 2 is the general rule.  I can't remember how long a
90 is... I do have an enclosed hood with an "arm" to hold the reflector.  It
is part of the stand/hood.  The light is able to be adjusted up/down in 1
inch increments and the arm swings such that I can move it completely out
over the carpet away from the tank completely for maintenance. (Too bad I
didn't DO THAT 2 weeks ago when I fried my arm on the bulb!!)

If it is a clear plastic brace I don't really see the shadow thing being an
issue unless it is really cloudy.  I have the glass, minus the back corner
plastic piece, on mine. With the spider light reflector and an open bulb, I
would be afraid NOT to use something to guard against splash.

The stray light concern certainly has merit.  When the hood is open, it is

I also have to say that the Icecap electronic ballast is quiet and

If this sounds like something that would help or you would like to see a
picture, let me know and I'll send you one off-line.

I love my MH.  By the way, if you are thinking of an enclosed hood, please
consider a muffin fan to cool it. Those babies get HOT!  The Icecap variable
speed is rather expensive but it is great and slows down at night so it is
more quiet.

I don't have any affiliation with Icecap other than the fact that they have
been great and stand behind their products and haven't sued me when I did
have an issue.