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Good Grief, its the name thing again

>Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:10:45 -0400
>From: "James Purchase" <jppurchase at Home_com>
>Subject: Re: My name, sorry I have to talk about it again

>Mmmm...... Kewk Leong, I think I've already said that I was sorry if I got
>your name wrong.

Awww, shucks, there you go again.  It's Kwek Leong and not Kewk Leong.
Maybe I should have adopted an English name in front of my surname and
save everyone all the hassle.  I should have called myself John Loh or Michael
Loh or whatever............sheesh.  Well, you can blame it all on my late
father who
would have turned in his grave if I had given up my Chinese name.  If it
you, Kwek Leong in Chinese means something like "the conscience of a nation".
I suppose by giving me that name, he had great hopes for me when I was born.
Too bad I let him down.  All I have become is a spreader of moss :(

>You may call me "James" or "Purchase" or any combination thereof you wish. I
>promise not to get offended. A very wise old man once told me that it didn't
>matter what they called you, so long as they were thinking of you.

That old man was indeed wise.  I wish you would say the same is true for
aquatic plants too.  By the way, I receive my messages from the mailing list
in digest form.  That is to say, I get only 2 emails from the APD everyday and
in each email, there are many messages from many different people.  So I didn't
get to see your apology when I sent out my second email about my name.  Not
that I wouldn't have done the same but this is just to let you know I'm not
offended about this name thing.  Just thought I should put things right,
that's all.
Your apology is accepted and if I had sound offensive, I apologise too.

We better get back to talking about plants and mosses.  I can just hear Cynthia
Powers cracking her whip :)

Loh K L