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Re:Re: Cameron's moss sources

. >>Especially in Robert H's and Dwight's cases, they are making it possible
for many people who live in areas where aquatic plants aren't readily
available at a local retail level to get a wide range of aquatic plants via
mail order. <<

Well I'll tell you, when I first started selling plants on a small scale, by
email before I even had a WEB site, Dan Quackenbush was the only online
seller of a large selection. Then Arizona Aquatic appeared on the WEB. And
in the last year or so a dozen or two have appeared. Although I am sure many
will come and go, it has opened up many more choices for people in the USA.
There are even a couple online sellers in England now, one in Australia. I
am sure some will ship to Canada! I think the online community has really
spurred the growth of this hobby more than anything else. The majority of
retail stores still consider plants as a disposable commodity and its very
difficult to get them to cooperate to the special needs of collectors and
hobbyists. Even the wholesale channel is reluctant to get plants that they
do not normally carry. I think the unbelievable success that I have had and
I am sure Dwight has had is due to the fact we are very much in tune with
the hobby and this community. We live and breath it! I sometimes feel
consumed by it, an addiction that I cant kick!  I need to go prune some

Robert Paul H