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Re:iron and TMG etc

I add every 2-3 days the following: KNO3, PO4 source, and a trace mix(TMG,
SeaChem flourish etc). Weekly I don't get nearly as good results I feel.

 Weekly is often the range that folks change water so adding it then seem to
be easy. Adding it daily is a hassle IMO. It makes no difference in the
plant's needs or some carefully planned strategic hostile plant takeover bid
to out do the algae. I seriously doubt anyone's going to make or break any
tank issues with that one. I think adding some macro's in a decent range is
a good idea 2-3 times a week. In order to keep this range 2-3 times a week
is about what most would use unless they have a fair amount of fish(heavy
feeding) etc or high NO3/PO4/tap etc.
This dosing is for high light/CO2 plant tanks etc.

I am so skeptical of what the hell folks are really measuring when they say
iron. I went down today and spoke with a chemical engineer about that does a
great deal of work in Oceanography analysis and primary production about
iron. It was an interesting talk. I think there is a great deal of work to
be done in this area for aquariums.
Tom Barr