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Tom Barr wrote in response to my comment that he and others might
suggest different dose and water change cycles than Tropica:

"Not really. They suggest a conservative amount for folks that don't
such high light CO2 etc. If I put a label on it'd read the same pretty
I add the traces every 2-3 days. It makes no difference if you do this
or do
the daily thing. I do add a lot more than they suggest(for CO2 enriched
tanks). My iron test at 1.0ppm an hour after dosing. It's a bit more
to follow this one(ones) and get a sense of it from testing though.
I'll go
back and look at the traces really good sometime. It's really not as
critical as I had thought to know this info but I'm curious anyway.
Tom Barr"

Thanks for the clarification, Tom.  I didn't mean to misrepresent.  I
had in mind the water change/dosing cycle that would dose every few
days (you?) rather than once each week (Tropica's suggestion).  I
wonder if there is a greater difference bewteen every few days vs
weekly than between every few days vs everyday?

For myself, if I add TMG, I get a flashover of algae, but lots of
postassium alone and everything green flourishes.  I'm guessing it's
the iron in TMG that I don't need more of--I can measure 0.1 ppm
without adding any TMG.  I haven't tried TMG with lots of potassium
added because I'm hesitant to risk the algae bloom.  One of these
months I'll feel bolder and try the TMG w/added K routine. 

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

Scott H.

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