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> Just a suggestion:
> If you're adding that much material, do yourself a favor and get a
> small calibrated syringe and stop counting all those drops every day
> (or week). 

That's what I use:)

> Re whether daily versus weekly is better, those folks at
> Ropica are pretty smart about aquatic plants--however, Barr and others
> might suggest different dose and water change cycles than Tropica.

Not really. They suggest a conservative amount for folks that don't have
such high light CO2 etc. If I put a label on it'd read the same pretty much.
I add the traces every 2-3 days. It makes no difference if you do this or do
the daily thing. I do add a lot more than they suggest(for CO2 enriched
tanks). My iron test at 1.0ppm an hour after dosing. It's a bit more tricky
to follow this one(ones) and get a sense of it from testing though. I'll go
back and look at the traces really good sometime. It's really not as
critical as I had thought to know this info but I'm curious anyway.
Tom Barr
> Good luck,
> Scott H.