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Re:GW softer water?

> the TDS-1 I have started reading less than 100. Before
> that (I started with pure tap and have slowly reduced
> via changes with RO) no GW. On the surface it appears
> that TDS inhibited the GW, but both tanks are now
> "soft" and yet one has no GW at all. No water
> conditioners are added.

I would agree with the notion that the softer purer water seem to get it
worse the hard waters where it seems much rarer. But the Green River in
Mammoth Cave National park(the whole is Limestone) has very high levels of
TDS and has mussels/clams etc and very green water. But in our tanks this
does seem to play a role or factor. But I have a hard water tank and have
easily induced GW also via NH4/NH3. This is/may be yet another cause. Often
GW outbreaks are seasonal in their nature in our tanks. Softer water after a
rainy season/spring melt etc can easily cause the TDS's to vary greatly. I
would suspect some correlation between those two. Perhaps this affect the
bacterial colonies some also?
Tom Barr