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Postage costs

>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:00:14 -0400
>From: Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at home_com>
>Subject: Re: Differentiating Christmas from Java

>BTW, KL, please remember that if you get more request than
>you can handle, I will chip in to help with postage. You're doing
>a wonderful thing for us!

Thanks for the nice offer, Shireen.  But I can't take your money.
Truth be told, wouldn't know how even if I want to :)

Many of the nice folks who received the moss from me had
offered to reimburse me for my postage costs and I like all of
them to know that I appreciate that very much.  But accepting payment
for the moss would take away something from the exchange.
You give to the fund and I give you some moss, isn't that some
sort of exchange?  But truth be told again, moss or no moss, almost
all of them would have given to the fund anyway.  My gift to them
is just a way of forging a sense of camaraderie among us all aquatic
plant lovers.  In another sense, we are all just earthlings on
this little blue planet.  Sending the moss to you is my way of reaching
out to someone living on the other corner of planet Earth.  And in
your case, Shireen, I'm so glad I reached you.

Loh K L