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>>I know you don't mean it but saying something like that would give
people the impression that I have fooled them into believing that
what they got from me was actually Java moss instead of Christmas.
If I had been in this for the money, I might have initiated a lawsuit :)<<

No, of course not! Common... What I am saying is that it may be already sold
here in this country as java moss. Someone else said their "Java Moss" from
aquariumplantdepot, (who is a small grower/importer known in the wholesale
world as Everglades Exotic) looks exactly like christmas tree moss. I made
the same observation on  what I get from a source imported from Singapore.
Is it actually "christmas tree moss" ?? I have no idea since the term is
somewhat ambigious and there is no scientific name or genera for it.  But it
looks the same to me. Long ago I bought this moss from Everglades and at the
time I thought the difference in appearance was because perhaps it being
emmersed grown instead of submersed. It consisted of short, thick, branchy
strands as compared to long thready... and sorry I called you Loh...I am
surprised you didnt point that out! :) Dwight was the first one here to
claim to have this plant for sale last year.. perhaps he could tell us where
he got it!

Robert Paul H
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