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salvinia good or evil?

Hi, I have a whole new batch of questions.  After perusing the archives I
could not determine if salvinia is an obnoxious pain like duckweed, just
that it was a fern.  I stupidly introduced duckweed because it was cute, I
am fighting it in both tanks now.  The intro into my new tank was not on
purpose.  I am trying to determine whether to introduce salvinia to my big
tank.  It doesn't seem that aggressive in my low-tech 26.

1.  Is salvinia the horrible pain that duckweed is and will you fight it for
the rest of your life?
2.  If it is not, is it something that would be welcome at the conference
3.  Would frogbit be welcome at the auction?  I have not found it do be
irritating due to the ease of removing something this size.

Both would be for the benefit of the defense fund if they are not considered
noxious weeds.  If they are, I'll leave them here.  I am not about to even
suggest bringing duckweed and would thoroughly clean any strays off by the

Daphne, who thinks UV's are right up there with sliced bread!