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Re: GW observation

Hi all, I have an interesting tidbit to add to this
thread. I have only ever had one single occurance of
GW. It just happened recently and is on its second
round. The interesting part is that it is in a tank
that is bare! It contains only a pair of discus
breeders and a baby dwarf ancistrus. It is sitting up
against an identical tank that shares the same light
source. The light source is one very old NO
flourescent tube. The tank on the left is so cloudy
that you cant quite see through it long ways. The tank
adjacent is crystal clear! Each gets frequent water
changes and bottom cleaning. The interesting thing is
that the pair in the tank with GW spawn constantly
while the crystal clear tank rarely spawns. Another
interesting tidbit is that the GW did not happen until
the TDS-1 I have started reading less than 100. Before
that (I started with pure tap and have slowly reduced
via changes with RO) no GW. On the surface it appears
that TDS inhibited the GW, but both tanks are now
"soft" and yet one has no GW at all. No water
conditioners are added.

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