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Re: Hair Algae Bloom In Established Tank: No Apparent Cause

Brett Agostini <brett_h_2000 at yahoo_com> wrote:

>In the past two months I've had an uncontrollable bloom of hair algae (The long, fine, flowy
>kind) move into my tank.  A)I've added no plants or fish in at least six months.  B)The amount
>or type of food I give on a daily basis hasn't changed.  C)The same PMDD/Florapride mix I've
>been using for almost a year is still being used in the same amount.  D)Lighting hasn't
>changed in any way.  E)CO2 levels, while unmeasured, should have remained unchanged in any
>way, as DIY bottle rotation hasn't changed.  Plants pearl consistently.   F)Maintenance of
>filters and water change schedules haven't changed. 
>The only thing that varied over the past months is that during a recent two-three week heat
>wave the tank temp rose well above 85 degrees, remaining there for almost two weeks.  Could
>this have caused the current situation? If not, what?  
>Tank Specs:
>90 Gallon, heavily planted
>Moderate to heavy bioload.
>2x96 Watt AH Supply "BrightKits" (PC flourescent)
>Ammonia-0  Nitrites-0  Phosphates-0  Nitrates-10~15   Fe-?
>Fertilizer = PMDD +  Tetra Flourapride  + Jobes Houseplant

I have a similar case. Hair algae began to appera in my established tank
after several days of consistently high temp (81-84). My tank conditions
are very similar to Brett's, except that I use pressurized CO2. Lets hope
it goes away when the water gets cooler...

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD