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Re: GW & N species

Tom Barr posted "Try monobasic potassium phosphate or phosphoric acid at
about 1/4 gram per 25 gallon of water or one drop of 30% H3PO4."

Tom, you are better than an encylopedia!  Last questions, where does one
obtain potassium phosphate, phosphoric acid or H3PO4? I am not sure what
H3PO4 is.  I sure wish I had paid attention in Chemistry instead of being
the class clown....

I plan to add the TMG (about 40 ml) and stump remover (1 teaspoon) this
weekend when I remove the UV and then wait a couple of weeks before adding
the phosphate unless that is a mistake?  I was under the impression you
always waited a few weeks after starting something different to see what
happens.  Since it is obvious I am deficient (or it was to everyone but me)
do I add it all this weekend or wait on phosphate?  I am so sorry to beat
this to death  but I am worn out on this GW fiasco!

Thanks so very much!!