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>>Well, today I got an order of java moss from aquaticplantdepot.com and
guess what...it isn't like
the java moss I get at the LFS or from AZ Gardens...it isn't willow moss
like I've gotten from other hobbyists...it IS, however, as near as I can
tell, the same as the christmas moss that our friend from Singapore sent.

I got some "christmas tree moss" from Loh as well, and it looks just like
the java moss I sell. I get java moss from two different sources. A more
thread like in appearance that is bunched together in a lead band, and is
cultivated in Florida. When you unband it, and shake it apart, its at least
as much if not greater than what Sherri sells as a quarter pound. The other
comes from an imported source and appears more branchy and looks like the
"christmas tree" moss. The portions are a large handfull. Both are $3 per
portion. Willow moss is entirely different and is always brown.

Robert Paul H