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re:can you get in the book of world records .....

OK, according to the archives and the helpful folks who have emailed me I
have determined that I can get potassium nitrate from Green Light or Dragon
stump remover or saltpeter.  I should start with about 2 teaspoons( for 92
gallons), measuring every day and adding more as needed until I get around 5

The phosphate is still a little fuzzy since I can either put Jobe's fern
spikes in the substrate or adjust water column with a pH regulator but water
comes out of the tap with basically  no readings for GH or KH.  Won't that
be dangerous to be manipulating with both the Alkaline Buffer and pH
regulator (although I assume the pH regulator shoots for a neutral pH
instead of dropping it?) Hey Greg, what about mixing these two?  Seems like
the substrate spiking would help whatever plant  is sitting there but what
about everyone else?  Also, that won't? register on test kit I presume since
it isn't in the water column.

I do have a team of SAE's, ottos, Amano shrimp, MTS's, ramshorns and pond

Oh and Tom, you deliberately cause Green Water, I just seem to keep
"stepping in it".  Therefore, I guess you would be more a candidate for the
world record!  I have also determined, by the way, that ignorance is NOT
bliss!  I appreciate everyone's help.

Thanks as always!