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Re: tall glosso

>>I have had the glosso for about 2 weeks and it seems
to be growing, but it is much taller than I expected. 
I read that I should let it adjust to the water and
get some initial growth and then it would grow
horizontally.  It seems to be doing okay and was
pearling beautifully yesterday about 2 hours after I
fertilized.  Some of the bottom stems on some of the
bunches dissolved and the upper parts floated.  I
tried replanting them, but many are still on the
surface.  So my question, should I try to push more of
it (the taller growth) down into the sand/gravel or
wait longer?  Should I get more light?  <<

Glosso growing tall with the bottom stems dying is a
sure indication of not enough light.  I recommend
getting more light.

As far as what to do with taller stems--when I replant
my glosso, the planted portions tend to be a bit tall
when they are put in (~1-2cm above substrate).  In not
much time, I start getting horizontal runners.  When
this has started going well, I just clip off the
original glosso stems that I planted that are sticking
up.  All that is left is the glosso that is hugging
the substrate.  I suggest that if this process is not
occurring then you do not have enough light.  But on
the other hand, glosso can be used in more ways than
one.  Letting it grow tall is just another style.


I have been thinking about converting the 30 watt
strip into a
1x96 watt with a AH Supply kit.  Any feedback?

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