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GW observation

I have observed something.  Everyone that is experiencing GW has a common
thread...Seachams Flourish and TMG.  Now I know I am stepping out on a limb
here, and I am sure Tom or someone can probably come up with a good

I have just started adding Seachams Flourish and TMG about 2 months ago and
finally got my 1st GW.  Here's the kicker though, the tank has been up for
over 1 1/2 years and I never had problems with GW until I added the Flourish
and TMG.

Could there be a link?  By adding this stuff could it cause the plants to
use up the N creating an imbalance?  Did these same people have GW problems
before using this stuff?

I think if we did a poll, found out the number of people that have had GW
problems and see if they use Seachams Flourish and TMG, then maybe we could
put something out on the KRIB that would help prevent GW.

What do you guys think...could there be a link here?

Dave Berryman always trying to figure things out in layman's terms ;o)