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Tall Glosso and BBA

I have a couple questions for the Glosso and algae gurus on the list.  I
checked the archives and couldn't find a definitive answer.

First of all, some tank info:
60 gal w/ 110 watts PC and 30 watt NO tube or 2.33 watts/gal
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate ~5 - 10 ppm? According to a quickdip strip (Any recommendations for
a good cheap kit?)
KH/GH - 6 / 5 
pH 6.5 day / 6.8 night
CO2 with 1-1.5 bubble / sec through a M3 diffuser and then into Eheim intake
(my RedSea CO2 test kit never seems to work)
Heavily planted.
Substrate: long story -- laterite w/ a 3-4 mm red gravel (smallest I could
find) ontop, then covered with natural 5-7 mm natural gravel.  I then found
some "Estes" fine sand so I made two "beach" areas one for lilaeopsis and
one for glosso.
Moderate fish load.
Kent's freshwater plant 1-3 ml 2-3 X week and Flourish K supplement 1.5 mL 3
X week.
The tank has been up for about 1.5 - 2 months. 

I have had the glosso for about 2 weeks and it seems to be growing, but it
is much taller than I expected.  I read that I should let it adjust to the
water and get some initial growth and then it would grow horizontally.  It
seems to be doing okay and was pearling beautifully yesterday about 2 hours
after I fertilized.  Some of the bottom stems on some of the bunches
dissolved and the upper parts floated.  I tried replanting them, but many
are still on the surface.  So my question, should I try to push more of it
(the taller growth) down into the sand/gravel or wait longer?  Should I get
more light?  I have been thinking about converting the 30 watt strip into a
1x96 watt with a AH Supply kit.  Any feedback?

As for my BBA question...  I don't currently have any SAEs (I bought 4
flying foxes thinking they were SAEs) but am thinking about getting rid of
the Foxes and ordering a bunch of young SAEs from Aquariumfish.net
(feedback?).  Up until I removed my H. polysperma and some faltering
cabomba, I didn't notice any algae besides some green spot on the back
glass.  Now I seem to have some BBA (dark bushes 1" long) on my Java ferns
and a little on a cryp.  I started feeding a bit less to the fish in hopes
that I could reduce the algae.  I also decreased the length of the day from
12 hours to 10.5 hours.  I am planning on switching to PMDD once I get back
from vacation.  What is my best option to get a handle on the algae?

Any comments appreciated.