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can you get in the book of world records for GW occurrences

Sorry for the length...

OK, I have entered my 4th bout of green water since setting up my tank.  I
set it up the early part of June.  I have very soft water and  add Seachem
Equilibrium and Seachem Alkaline Buffer to keep it around 4 for both GH and
KH.  Here are the parameters:

92 gallons
substrate cable heating with laterite and 50/50 mix of plain gravel/Flourite
250 watt MH about 8-10 inches from water (I use the glass cover).  It burns
12 hours a day.
canister CO2 with controller.  pH runs 6.8-6.9 during day, 6.4-6.5 at night
Heavily planted although there are some crypts, anubias, etc, stems only
make up about 20-25% of plants.
Currently the readings are:
GH 4                      Tetra test kit
KH 4                      Tetra test kit
Nitrite 0                 Seachem test kit
Nitrate 0                 Seachem test kit
Phosphate .07 mg/L        Seachem test kit

The tank is moderately stocked and I feed moderately 6 days a week.  I use
TMG at 10 mL and Seachem potassium at 2-4 mL dosages.  The last two
additions were on 8-5 and again 8-25.  I was afraid to add it every week
because I might get GW!! ha, ha, ha, ha...

From what I understand, I am nitrate and phosphate limited?   I have some
Flourish and Flourish Iron but haven't added them.  I thought feeding would
cover me for the nitrate.  Do I add more TMG and start Iron or something
else? I thought the TMG and K would cover everything(except Iron), either I
am just not adding enough or need more chemicals.  My hygro and java fern
stopped trying to be Madagascar lace wanna-bes so I think I am ok on
potassium. I have some hygro in front corner as an indicator for K. I am not
sure what the Flourish has that TMG doesn't or vice versa.  I must say I am
getting tired of the GW (and my family asking me if I know the aquarium
looks green!)and Dave G is probably wondering now if he will ever get his UV

Oh,  the frogbit is a bit bleached under the MH.  Glosso is thrilled and
other stuff is happy but tank does have a bit of a yellowish cast.  could my
MH be on too long/too close and compounding the problem?

Thanks as always.
Daphne in Green Water Hell!