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Shrimp or prawns?


Thanks for the advice to visit Rhonda Wilson's website, I loved it, I read 
everything on the message boards-very good info.

"Plain sand/gravel is not usually an adequate substrate until after it's 
aged in the tank for a period of months to years."  <--I used the gravel 
from my old 20 gallon tanks, so the gravel is now about a year old, and only 
left water to be moved from one tank to the next, so I think its aged and 
have never had any problems growing plants in it, only the sand is new.

After reading her various replies, one message referred to the krib's info 
on the various freshwater shrimp.  After checking it out 
(http://www.thekrib.com/Fish/Shrimp/) I realized the last batch of "ghost 
shrimp" I got at the pet store may actually be Macrobrachium nipponese, a 
type of freshwater prawn!  I am not too pleased with this thought because it 
says, it not only gets rather large but can damage both plants and fish with 
its claws!  I thought when I first got them, they looked different than the 
shrimp I had gotten there before but they were clear and the same size, but 
they have grown a bit.  Now seeing the pictures, I know they're different!  
Hmmm...thinking that catching the little buggers will be quite an event with 
all the plants.  :(  What to do, what to do?


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