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Driftwood question

About a month ago, I finally found, at the LFS, a piece of driftwood that
I liked and was a good size for my 20-gallon high tank. I've been soaking
it in a 5-gallon bucket ever since. It's still staining the water,
although not as much as first (the water turns a dark tea-color after 2-3
days instead of just one). Also, while I expected the wood to turn dark,
I was surprised it happened almost overnight. I can now scrap off some of
the other layer with my fingernail. There are also a few soft spots in
the wood that either weren't there when I bought it, or I just didn't
notice. The latter seems likely, since there are some holes in the wood
naturally, which is part of what makes it so attractive. Is all this
normal and safe for the aquarium when I finally put it in the tank?
Anyone care to predict how much longer will I need to soak it before
doing so?

I checked in the archives and found that some recommend bleaching the
driftwood. How long should this be done? The wood is about 10 inches long
and 3-4 inches in diameter. It is attached to a marble slab with a screw.
Thanks for any replies.

Jim N
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