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Testing, testing....for nitrate

An observation.

I saw that Aquarium Pharmaceuticals offered a Nitrate test kit in the $8.00
price range so I decided to see how it performed next to my LaMotte (Model
NCR). Based on a couple of comparative tests, it appears that the AP test
kit measures about 10 units lower than the LaMotte in the 0-30 ppm range.
(Yes, I did the 4.4 conversion.) That is, when the AP reported 10, the
LaMotte reported 20, and when the AP reported 20, the LaMotte reported 30.
Knowing this however makes the AP test kit a very functional tool for a very
attractive price. The actual numbers aren't as important as having a nitrate
level somewhere between "some" and "too much", which is probably anything
over about 30 ppm if you are doing the PMDD thang. So, if the cost of the
more expensive test kits is a barrier to entry to the fascinating world of
water testing, then the AP kit can be a way in.