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RE: green water after pruning

Hi Tom and all,

I can testify that each time I do a MAJOR pruning, and disturb the
substrate, I am nearly guaranteed to get a GW outbreak. Otherwise, I have a
beautiful tank with no algae at all except for the green spot on the glass.
Just did a major pruning yesterday, and sure enough within hours I see the
white cloud coming....
Tonight or tomorrow night it will turn green - it's very predictable and
doesn't happen under any other circumstances except a major pruning with
substrate disturbed. *pulling out the UV again*

I have the exact environment you are talking about. I do not have a
biofilter. I have 440 watts light (sometimes 615 if I use the metal halide
too:) on a 125 gal tank. This is very interesting concept. I doubt I will
add a biofilter just to control the GW. I will most likely just keep hauling
out the UV for a few days after a major pruning.

BTW I have not been doing any water column ferts lately. Have a substrate
very rich with laterite...


Tom said:

1) Lack of or too small of bio colony->get bigger filter/add bioballs etc
2) colony needs fed and so do the plants-> KNO3
3) Clean filters out that get clogged
4) Do water change after a big hack
5) Keep the NO3 levels in good shape.