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Re: shrimpies and LFS's

> Subject: Re: Amano Shrimp
> The markup on these critters is ridiculous.

I agreed.....at first, then since I was trading the plants in anyhow at the
LFS, I asked how much they were if I bought the whole order(50 to 100). Then
the price went from 1.99-2.99 down to .75 cent or less(cost was about .36
cents each on special at the wholesaler's that week). So for 36-75$ most
folks can get a crew of 100 for several tanks. Now if you know some other
folks that would pay 1.50 ea.....you don't have to pay nuthing. "A shmart
chicken....would, I say, I say, here boy your doing it all wrong...." As
Foghorn Leghorn would say to the chicken hawk.

This is a good reason to support your local fish shop!!!!!!!!!They can save
you far more than the big chains if you work with them and they work with
you. They can still make a decent amount and get all the good trimmings for
trade. It keeps you, their customer, coming back also.
A big chain will not give/work with you on these prices. Then if they get a
bunch of livestock that does it's job they will tell their other customers
about them and make it easier for all.

>I suggest a boycott. If you run
> your tank correctly, there is little need for this, or any other type of
> algae eater. Same goes for SAEs, IMO.

 A boycott of shrimp? Hummm, what did they do to you? They did not defame
you in some way did they? I used the snail for many years. One looked at me
funny one day I threatened to sue him and it shut up right away! Snails
certainly are not entitled to free speech. And if they lose a case, they get
tossed to the "Puffer of Doom". Capital punishment is enforced here.

> I still think that adding more bioload to deal with the symptom
> (algae) of an inherent nutrient problem is just a death spiral into failure.

The algae is SELECTIVLY removed and taken out. The nutrients from the
algae's mass is repackaged(shrimp or SAE food)/remineralized(bacterial
breakdown of waste) and fed to the plants(these are not eaten) as nutrients
and they can get the upper hand on this issue alone. Herbivory is a powerful
tool and it does work well but it can be done without it to certain degree.
How many shrimp do you think I have? Say in a 55 gallon? And other fish?
About 100 at least(50 or so shrimps). Failure? Not quite. The shrimp(or most
any herbivore) also eats the new growth(it being the most nutritious and
tasty) so it has a much harder time becoming attached and established.
Grazing pressures have enormous effects in nature ands can in the aquarium.

Having no animals at all is not a good thing IMO. This may be an extreme but
tanks always seem to do much better with a moderate amount of critters than
if you simply add non biological fertilizers such as adding KNO3 etc alone
for the only source of N for example. Having these critters also gives you
some leeway and error. I need some of that every now and then! I get lazy or
go out of town etc.
> If you ramp up every nutrient input except phosphates, you can keep a
> relatively algae-free tank without paying exorbitant prices for shrimps,

Well they do not cost the LFS that much. The LFS in your area might be
approached about a large order and see what they say. At 2.99 I'd be pissed
too. Cannot, nor will, blame you there!

Tom Barr