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Re:golden tetra

>From: "Alexander Johannes Suhendra" <lepedz at bdg_centrin.net.id>
>Subject: golden tetra
>hi all,
>does anyone know why golden tetra that bred in captivity loose their golden
>color ? the fishes that i saw in my LFS seemed to loose their color and
>looked pale, not silvery as shown in the book. Does anyone know why this
>happen, and what should i do to make the color appear ?

A long time ago I read that the golden color occurred in wild fish that
were infested with metacercaria of a certanin species of fluke.  The
metacercaria are not noticably harmful to the tetra, since they are in a
"resting" stage, waiting for their tetra to be ingested by the final host,
whatever that is.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, having a mini-dry spell.