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Re: The Dreaded Hair Algea

"I have been adding 6 ml (PMDD) daily.
Weekly 40% water changes.
pH 6.8, KH 5, CO2 23 ppm, Nitrates 0
Lights 3 watts/gal for 12 hours"

Find out what is in your tap water. But the problem is rather obvious. A

Nitrates 0
Nitrates 0
Nitrates 0

Your tank is now Nitrate limited, NOT phosphate limited per S-C PMDD
methodology (and it IS a methodology, NOT a fertilizer). Until you get
nitrates up, every nutrient you add is just fodder for the algae. More iron
won't feed the plants, but will feed the algae, because the plants can't use
any other nutrient now. The plants are just sitting there waiting for some
nitrogen to combine with the other required nutrients while the algae is
having a field day. All your other parameters look great.