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The Dreaded Hair Algea

I have that nasty thread algae. I am beginning to suspect the nutrients that
 have been adding each day to my 54 gallon freshwater tank are not in

 My PMDD follows the Sears/Conlin formula found on the Krib as follows:

 1 tblspn chelated trace mix from Homegrown that I believe contains:
 7% Fe
 1.3% B
 2% Mn
 0.06% Mo
 0.4% Zn
 0.1% Cu

1 tblspn MgSO4
 2 tblspn K2SO4
 1 tblspn KNO3

I have been adding 6 ml daily.
Weekly 40% water changes.
pH 6.8, KH 5, CO2 23 ppm, Nitrates 0
Lights 3 watts/gal for 12 hours

 Is it possible that the daily Fe is causing my algae?
 Should I mix up the trace elements separately and use them as required
 instead of daily?
Would I be better advised to use Flourish once or twice a week to supplement
the Flourite in my substrate instead of the Homegrown?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Bill Westbrook
Ottawa, Canada